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Hi, my name is Erin, and I have grown up with Disney, and couldn't imagine a world without it! This blog is dedicated to anything and everything Disney! I'm listed in the Disney Directory. I hope you enjoy <3

Magic Kingdom - Reflecting Deep (by SpreadTheMagic)

"Cuties, I’m gonna keep you"

“Even though Cinderella isn’t one of my favorite princesses, the first time I met her was magical. She told me I was beautiful and complimented my hair and shoes. Her compliments completely caught me off guard because I’ve always had self-confidence issues and never really saw myself as pretty. Since meeting her, I started seeing myself in a different light and slowly began to feel more confident in my own skin. Thank you, Cinderella!”


EPCOT STORM (by rexeneffex)

Or as I like to call it Epcot summers. 


Just spotted this little guy riding Mine Train

yall are missing an awesome “dope/dopey” joke in here somewhere….

Peter Pan (by snow1937white)